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How to clean cork bags

Cork is a unique material which offers durability and is soft to the touch, while all of our cork products are stain and water resistant, and also anti-bacterial. As a natural product, if the cork does happen to get dirty its very easy to clean by hand using natural cleaning methods by following the following instructions:

• STEP 1: Make sure to remove all objects inside the bag before cleaning.
• STEP 2: Use a mild soap or detergent.
• STEP 3: Make a soap water solution.
• STEP 4: Take a baby wipe / tissue / muslin, dip it in the solution and wipe it smoothly on your cork product, until the dirt particles are removed.
• STEP 5: Gently wipe your product with a dry cloth / tissue to remove the excess water solution.


An eco-friendly way to keep your cork bag, cork backpack, cork wallet, or any other cork product clean!


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