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Natural cork bracelet adjustable BR-440-MIX-8

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Unleash the Untamed Spirit: The Natural Cork Bracelet that Bends to Your Beat

Corkadia's BR-440 cork leather bracelet isn't just an accessory, it's an escape route. It's a wild whisper of adventure woven into the soul of natural cork, ready to adjust to your every whim.

Embrace the untamed symphony:

    • Natural symphony of textures: Feel the raw beauty of textured natural cork against your skin – a textured poem etched by the Portuguese sun.
    • Adjust to your rhythm: This beauty knows no bounds. The adjustable closure lets you cinch it tight for a touch of adventure or let it hang loose for a bohemian vibe.
    • Mix and match with your spirit: Unleash your inner artist with eight unique color combinations, each a vibrant splash on nature's canvas. Choose fiery reds for your inner lioness, earthy greens for your grounded soul, or let the ocean whisper blues guide your way.
    • Sustainable style that roars: Feel good about looking good. Cork is a renewable, eco-friendly material, making this bracelet a conscious choice for your wild spirit.
    • Handcrafted harmony: Each bracelet is a testament to Portuguese artisanship, woven with passion and respect for nature.

The BR-440 is more than just a bracelet, it's a roar in the silent wilderness. It's a reminder to embrace your untamed spirit, to bend to your own rhythm, and to revel in the vibrant symphony of life.

Order yours today and let your wrist tell the story of wild beauty, endless possibilities, and the untamed heart of Portugal.

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Made in Portugal by Corkadia.