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Natural cork vegan jewelry BR-411-MIX-5

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Natural cork vegan jewelry

A beautiful set of 5 colorful handmade and unique cork bracelets, furnished silver beads and with an elegant knot in the center.

This mesmerizing piece of cork jewelry is perfect to adapt to your vegan lifestyle, as it´s made from cork cord from the oak trees in an organic and sustainable process.

Whether you want to just give it a splash of color or add something different to your outfit, this is the bracelet for you!

It´s made from high-quality cork which is eco-friendly, very soft, flexible and durable!


About Cork:

Cork is a next generation plant-based material which offers an alternative to traditional animal-based fashion materials. The use of cork leather is also helping the fight against climate change. According to the findings from a recent survey by the Portuguese Higher Institute of Agronomy, the CO2 retention capacity of a cork oak forest can reach 14.7 tons per hectare per year.

Cork products from Corkadia are all PETA-approved vegan.