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1kg Cork Shredded fabric random size and color

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1kg Cork Shredded fabric. Random size and color

These fabrics are piecemeal or small pieces of fabric intended as samples only and may on occasion have some defects. As such, these samples are non-refundable after purchase.

Our cork fabric is made from 100% natural Portuguese cork, with a “leather-like” surface. Made from natural material and with a modern design, our cork fabric can be used in many ways – from making backpacks, to purses and bags. Its natural vegan origin makes it an ideal choice for ethical fashion lovers.


- Natural cork material

- Water resistant

- Lightweight and flexible

- Sustainable production process


- Unique and stylish look for bags and purses

- Ecofriendly

- No animal products are used in the production process

- Durable yet luxurious - perfect for everyday use

- Hypoallergenic and safe for people with skin sensitivities