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20mm Natural cork watch straps E-022-20

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Product Description:

In need of a new watch strap?

These 20mm watch straps are crafted from cork, a vegan material which is eco-friendly / sustainable, soft to the touch, durable, lightweight, and water resistant. These eco-friendly watch bands would make a great vegan gift for a friend, relative, or maybe keep for yourself with the peace of mind that the material is carefully extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree in a way which ensures no damage to the tree and actually supports tree growth.

We use high quality cork which goes through a careful quality control process.

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Cork is a natural product and because its made from the bark of the cork oak tree, each bag will have distinct features.

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Materials used:

- Cork
- Backing: Vegan leather


- Length: 12.5cm & 7.5 cm
- Width: 4mm
- Weight: 20g

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