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Blue cork textile sheet wholesale leather COF-346

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Product Description:

Our Blue Cork Wholesale Leather Fabric is a beautiful, earthy fabric made from the finest cork leather. It’s lightweight, highly durable, and extremely eco-friendly which makes it perfect for making stylish bags, purses, wallets, accessories and other items. The bark of the Portuguese oak tree is responsibly harvested by experienced craftsmen in Portugal who use an age-old method known as ‘tree shagging’ to ensure that every individual tree is taken care of and receives maximum attention.


- Responsibly harvested cork leather

- Extremely durable

- Lightweight

- Eco friendly


- Design stylish bags, purses and wallets with this unique material

- Feel good knowing you are using an environmentally conscious material

- The cork leather won’t break down over time or show wear and tear like traditional leathers do so your designs will last longer.

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- Outer: Cork
- Backing: 63% Cotton & 37% recyclable polyester
- PETA Approved Vegan



- Width: 1mm
- Small: 50x68 cm
- Large: 100x135cm