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Bohemian Cork-Enhanced Striped Webbing Strap with Gold-Toned Hardware L-1068

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Discover the fusion of timeless elegance and eco-consciousness with our Bohemian Cork-Enhanced Striped Webbing Strap, now adorned with radiant gold-toned hardware. This exquisite add-on, detachable, and adjustable crossbody strap combines the natural allure of cork with an array of 8 distinct Bohemian and ethnic stripe patterns, infusing artisanal charm into your daily carry.

Designed with both comfort and style in mind, this strap measures a convenient width of 1.38 inches (3.5 cm) and features an adjustable length that stretches from 33.07 inches (84 cm) to a maximum of 55.12 inches (140 cm), ensuring a perfect fit for all body sizes and bag types. The marriage of supple cork and a robust cotton-polyester blend results in an accessory that is as durable as it is sustainable.

Each strap shines with gold-toned metal fittings, enhancing the earthy tones and highlighting the organic texture of the cork ends. Select from a spectrum of thematic colors, including tranquil blues, radiant yellows, delicate pinks, and deep blacks, to seamlessly match and elevate your wardrobe. Our Bohemian Cork-Enhanced Striped Webbing Strap is more than an accessory; it's a testament to sophistication and a greener lifestyle.