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Brown leather fabric COF-349-A

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Product Description:

Brown Leather fabric is made with high-quality natural cork from Portugal. With a unique rust effect, this smooth and earthy material gives your projects an artisanal feel. The warm tones of the brown will give it a natural look, perfect for your leather handbags, wallets or even cupholders. You can sew it, glue it, layer it and more - be creative with this amazing material!


- Made of high-quality natural cork

- Unique rust effect for added character

- Smooth to the touch

- Versatile material – easy to sew, glue and layer


- Natural look with an artisanal feel

- Eco-friendly and stylish material for bags, wallets and accessories

- Great for creative projects – sew or glue it as you please

- Small: 50*67 cm

- Medium: 100*135cm
- Large: 1000*135cm