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Ceramic tile - Vegan Wholesale Purses BAG-2048-E

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Product Description:

Make a conscious decision with these stunning vegan wholesale purses. Crafted from sustainable and natural cork, this purse is the perfect stylish companion for any wardrobe thanks to its timeless retro look. The premium craftsmanship features two zipper pockets to store all your cards or coins, creating a durable and reliable purse that won't let you down. Featuring a unique structure of rustic tiles, this one-of-a-kind purse offers a vibrant color inspired by ceramic tile art with metallic hardware details for just the right touch of luxury.


- Two zipper pockets for coins & cards

- Rustic Tile Design

- Eco friendly & sustainable cork material

- Soft & Flexible


- Elevate your lifestyle with an ethically crafted purse

- Make an ecofriendly choice that´s good for both you and the planet

- Stylish and fashionable with a timeless retro charm

- Durable and reliable construction with two zippered pouches to store all your belongings

- Wholesale prices

- Free shipping

- Cork

Length: 12cm/ 4.7"

Height: 8cm/3.1"

Width: 3cm/ 1.1"