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Colorful cork thread and ceramic beads handmade women's bracelet BR-425-MIX-5

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Natural cork thread: Made of environmentally friendly natural cork material, its lightness and natural texture bring a unique natural beauty to each bracelet.
Natural Colored Ceramic Beads: Each bracelet is decorated with hand-selected colorful ceramic beads in rich and varied colors, adding to the visual appeal of the bracelet.
Well-designed: The bracelet adopts a multi-layer design, combined with metal accessories and unique clasps, which is both beautiful and practical.
design concept:
This bracelet collection is inspired by the colorful world of nature and aims to connect nature and modern life through handmade artworks. The designer carefully selects ceramic beads in various colors and combines them with soft cork threads to create jewelry that is both environmentally friendly and fashionable.


EVERYDAY WEAR: The natural style of this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, whether it's the office during the workday or casual time on the weekends.
Social Events: The unique design and vibrant colors make it ideal for parties and other social occasions, easy to catch the eye.
IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: This bracelet is an ideal gift for friends and family, especially those who love nature and unique fashion.
Reason to buy:

Uniqueness: Each bracelet is unique because, due to the use of natural materials and craftsmanship, each piece bears an unrepeatable individual mark.
Environmentally friendly materials: Using natural cork and ceramic materials, it reflects respect and protection for the environment.
Various colors: Provides a variety of color options to meet the needs of different styles and preferences.
Choose this natural colorful beaded cork bracelet now to add a touch of nature to your jewelry collection and express your personality and fashion sense.