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Colorful cork wire and alloy butterfly bracelet BR-291-MIX-5

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Butterfly Bead Handmade Cork Bracelet BR-291-MIX-5

This handmade cork bracelet, made of environmentally friendly cork material and exquisite butterfly bead design, shows the perfect combination of natural beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. Each bracelet is carefully crafted and full of personality and charm.

Product Features
Material: Use high-quality cork rope, which is environmentally friendly and durable, soft and comfortable, and not prone to allergies.
Design: The bracelet is decorated with exquisite butterfly beads and flowers, with various styles, full of natural and artistic atmosphere.
Handmade: Each bracelet is handmade by craftsmen to ensure the perfection and uniqueness of the details.
Multiple colors: A variety of color options, including blue, pink, green, yellow and purple, suitable for different styles and tastes.
Lightweight and practical: The design is lightweight and suitable for daily wear, while being sturdy and durable, suitable for various occasions.
Applicable occasions
This fashionable bracelet is suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily wear or special events, it can add a unique charm to your outfit. It can be paired with casual wear or formal wear to perfectly blend into your personal unique style

Environmental protection concept
Cork is made from renewable resources, which is environmentally friendly and sustainable, suitable for you who pursue environmentally friendly fashion. Cork is not only light and durable, but also has natural beauty, bringing a natural breath to your life.

Choosing this butterfly beaded handmade cork bracelet is not only a pursuit of fashion, but also a support for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift to relatives and friends, it is an ideal choice.