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Cork Jewelry Bracelet with feather BR-218-MIX

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Embrace Earthy Elegance with Nature's Touch:

This captivating cork bracelet whispers stories of ancient oak trees and Portuguese artistry. Woven from sun-kissed cork cord, it drapes softly against your wrist, adding a touch of organic beauty to any outfit.

Embrace Sustainable Style:

Celebrate Earth with a conscious choice. Our cork is harvested without harming trees, minimizing your environmental footprint and making a statement for sustainable fashion.

Where Nature Meets Elegance:

Shimmering silver beads dance along the cord, catching the light with every move. A graceful silver feather pendant completes the look, adding a touch of whimsical charm.

More than just an Accessory:

This bracelet is a reminder to embrace nature's beauty and live consciously. It's the perfect complement to your vegan lifestyle, expressing your values with every wear.

Made with Love, Built to Last:

Crafted with high-quality cork, this bracelet is eco-friendly, soft, flexible, and surprisingly durable. It's designed to be your everyday companion, adding a touch of earth-kissed style to every adventure.

Find Your Perfect Fit:

Adjustable to 19cm/7.5 inches, this bracelet comfortably secures on most wrists.

Own a piece of Portugal's vibrant spirit and let your inner goddess shine. Order your cork bracelet today!