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Cork Leather Handmade Watch DIY-003

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A double-colored cork cord watch is a type of wristwatch that features a strap or band made from a cork cord that has two different colors or tones. The cork cord material used in these watches is typically lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, making it a popular choice among those who are environmentally conscious.

The double-colored design of the cork cord strap gives these watches a unique and visually interesting look. The two colors or tones used in the strap can be complementary or contrasting, depending on the desired effect. This design element can be particularly effective when combined with a minimalist or simple watch face, as it allows the strap to be the focal point of the watch.

Overall, double-colored cork cord watches offer a stylish and eco-friendly option for those looking for a unique and eye-catching wristwatch. The combination of different colors or tones in the cork cord strap can create a striking visual effect that sets these watches apart from other types of watches. Our full range of women's watches can be found here:

size: Dial diameter: 3.3cm