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Cork Leather Hats 56cm 58cm 60cm L-877-A

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Product Description:

Expertly handmade by Portuguese artisans, this open top cork leather hat combines breathability and coolness, offering an unparalleled wearing experience. The lining is made from 100% cotton, adding to the overall comfort and quality of the hat.


- Made from 100% Natural Cork material

- Breathable, Soft and Hypoallergenic

- Adjustable Velcro Strap for Instant Comfort

- Three Sizes Available (56 cm, 58 cm & 60 cm)- Handmade by Portuguese artisans.


- Sustainable and eco friendly alternative to traditional headwear

- Perfectly combine breathability and coolness in one accessory

- Fitted with a comfortable 100% Cotton Lining

- Stylish and fashionable design

- Durable and hard wearing construction perfect for everyday use.