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Cork watches for women WA-358

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Product Description:

Everyone loves a good timepiece, and for an extra bit of style, why not try out Cork Watch for Women? This natural watch is designed to blend in smoothly with any outfit and has three different faces to choose from. It's light, easy to wear and won't hurt your skin. The cork also serves as a way to absorb sweat and moisture, so that it won't get too hot or uncomfortable on hot days. With its unique look, this unisex fashion watch will bring you the perfect balance of functionality and style.


- Natural & stylish cork band - Lightweight & comfortable - Sweat & moisture absorbent - Choice of three watch faces available


- Unique look suitable for casual & dressy occasions - Easy to wear design with just one button closure - Absorbs sweat & moisture from your wrist to keep it cool - Three watch faces available so you can find the one that suits you best