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Men's watches cork leather straps WA-360

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Product Description:

Experience the natural beauty of each watch with a modern twist. Created with sustainability in mind, our cork watches are designed with vegan-friendly, upcycled materials. Carefully comprised from genuine cork and recycled leather, these lightweight timepieces add a luxurious touch of style to any outfit or occasion. The perfect accessory for any man on the go!


- Genuine Cork & Recycled Leather Straps - Vegan-Friendly & Sustainable Materials - Hypoallergenic & Lightweight Strap - Waterproof and Rust Proof Material


- Each watch is unique due to the naturalness of the material and finishes - Recycled leather strap is waterproof even during active sports and activities - Cork material is lightweight with superior heat insulation properties so your wrists stay cool no matter where you are - Timepieces come with an adjustable buckle clasp for convenience and comfort fit