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Dangler Cork ladies earrings ER-136-MIX-5

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Portuguese charm pendant cork cord earrings are a type of jewelry that features a small charm pendant attached to a cork cord that is used to dangle the earring from the ear. These earrings are popular for their simple and natural look, as well as their lightweight feel.

The charm pendants used in these earrings often have a traditional or cultural significance, such as the famous Portuguese Azulejo tiles. The cork cord, as mentioned before, is a durable and sustainable material that adds to the natural and rustic aesthetic of these earrings.

Portuguese charm pendant cork cord earrings can be a great way to show off one's cultural pride or add a unique touch to an outfit. They can be found in many artisanal and handmade markets in Portugal, as well as online shops that specialize in Portuguese-inspired or handmade jewelry.

Material: cork cord

Remarks: The stickers on the stickers of this style of earrings are sent randomly, and the 5 designs and stickers are randomly sent as a group. The pattern on the picture is just for reference, we have more pattern styles, and each pattern is very beautiful, after customers purchase, they will be sent randomly, please pay attention to this.