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Add Timeless Style with a Modern Twist: Ceramic Tile Cork Fabric

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Corkadia presents the Ceramic Tile Cork Fabric (COF-278), a unique blend of classic design and eco-conscious material!

Sustainable Sophistication:

  • Crafted from premium Portuguese cork, this fabric offers a cruelty-free and renewable alternative to traditional materials.
  • The natural cork base provides a luxurious yet durable feel that elevates your creations.

Modern Mosaic Inspiration:

  • Featuring a captivating ceramic tile pattern, this fabric injects a touch of timeless elegance with a modern twist.
  • The intricate design adds a touch of visual interest to your projects.

Endless Creative Potential:

  • Sewing & Apparel: Craft one-of-a-kind handbags, wallets, clothing accents, or even statement jackets.
  • Home Decor: Breathe new life into throw pillows, table runners, coasters, or reupholster furniture.
  • Crafting & Accents: Create unique jewelry pieces, phone cases, or use it for scrapbooking and mixed-media projects.

Easy to Use & Maintain:

  • The soft and supple cork fabric is easy to cut, sew, and work with, making it suitable for crafters of all experience levels.
  • Naturally water-resistant and stain-resistant for long-lasting projects.

Corkadia's Ceramic Tile Cork Fabric (COF-278) allows you to embrace both sustainability and timeless style. Unleash your creativity and order yours today!

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