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Fabric Wholealer - orange cork fabric COF-299-A

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Product Features:

The bright orange cork material sounds like a unique and eye-catching material. The bright orange color provides a bold and playful look, making it suitable for those who want to add a pop of color to their accessories. Portugal is known for producing high-quality cork products, so the natural cork material is likely of good quality. The smooth feel makes it comfortable to handle and the versatility of the material, as it can be used for handbags or wallets, provides opportunities for creative design. This product may appeal to those looking for eco-friendly and stylish materials with a playful touch for their accessories.

- Thickness: 0.8mm+-

Size + Fit
- Small : 50*67 cm

- Medium: 100*135cm
- Large: 1000*135cm

Note: This sizes are an approximation, as they are cut by hand it can flutuate a few milimeters