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Geometric Pattern Cork Fabric COF-239

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Product Description:

Our Geometric Pattern Cork Fabric has an unbeatable natural original look, with an eye-catching design. Its unusual design with ethnic motifs adds a unique touch to your craft projects. Made from 100% cork, this Vegan Leather fabric is the perfect material for making eco-friendly creations and accessories. It is cruelty-free and free of chemical treatments- ensuring that no animals were harmed in the production of this fabric! The thickness of the fabric adds extra durability to your projects and its strength makes it a great choice for items such as purses, wallets, shoulder bags and backpacks.


- 100% Eco friendly & Sustainable Cork Fabric

- Cruelty Free & Chemical Free

- Waterproof & Stain Resistant

- Soft, Flexible & Durable


- Create unique designs with a natural organic look!

- Add an eye catching geometric pattern to any project or accessory!

- Can be used for many different types of projects – purses, wallets, shoes etc.

- Highly versatile and durable – can withstand wear and tear without compromising on quality!


- Outer: Cork
- Backing: 63% Cotton & 37% recyclable polyester
- PETA Approved Vegan



- Thickness: 1mm
- Small: 50*68 cm/ 19*27 inches

- Medium: 100*138cm/ 39*54 inches
- Large: 1000*138cm/ 394*54 inches