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Illumina Yellow Cork Wholesale Fabric COF-369-A

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Product Description:

This Yellow Cork Wholesale Fabric is an affordable and stylish fabric, perfect for bags and accessories. Crafted from lightweight and durable cork leather, this fabric has a luxurious natural feel with a matte finish that can be dressed up or down. From small purses to wallets, this fabric will help you create unique pieces your customers will love.


- Lightweight and durable

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Natural feel with matte finish

- Soft, flexible texture


- Eco friendly & sustainable material

- Flexible enough to fit any item you are making

- Provides durability whilst creating unique items that stand out from the crowd

- Can be dressed up or down

- Perfect for formal or casual occasions

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- Outer: Cork
- Inner: 63% Cotton & 37% recyclable polyester


- Thickness: 0.7+-mm
- Small: 50*68 cm/ 19*27 inches

- Medium: 100*138cm/ 39*54 inches
- Large: 1000*138cm/ 394*54 inches