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Light yellow with silver cork textile sheet COF-369

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Product Description:

Our light yellow with silver cork textile sheet is a unique and beautiful material which can be used in many different projects. Its lightweight and soft feel adds a unique look to accessories, handbags purses, wallets, home décor, furniture upholstery and more. This 100% vegan cork fabric has natural properties adding cushioned comfort due to its cushion-like memory giving it beneficial qualities for items like laptop cases, briefcases and wallets.


- 100% vegan - Sustainable harvesting process - Durable and water resistant - Easy to clean - Flexible


- Create timeless pieces with an uniquely stylish look. - Protect your belongings with durable material that looks modern and classy. - Support sustainable practices with materials that are harvested responsibly. - Enjoy the cushioned comfort of cork fabrics for added lifestyle benefits when needed. You can also check out our other fabric offerings, all with free shipping, at


- Outer: Cork
- Backing: 63% Cotton & 37% recyclable polyester
- PETA Approved Vegan


- Width: 1mm
- Small: 50x68 cm
- Large: 100x135cm