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Man Wallet Leather BAG-2253

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Product Description:


- Made from all-natural cork material

- Available in black, brown, and natural cork colors

- Can hold up to 4 cards

- Slim and compact design

- Equipped with RFID shield to protect personal information

- Designed for maximum space in a small area

- High-quality and durable construction


- Stylish and practical design

- Protects personal information from potential threats

- Eco-friendly and sustainable material

- Compact size makes it easy to carry around

- Holds all necessary cards without adding bulk to pockets

- Durable construction ensures long-lasting use

- Perfect for the man who values both style and practicality.


Cork fabric


Length of 7.5 cm, and Width of 11 cm.

Length of 2.95 inches, and Width of 4.33 inches.