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Mens Chest Bag with 2 Pockets and Rooster Logo BAGD-511

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CORKED & ROOSTERED: Stylish Men's Chest Bag with Portuguese Flair (2 Pockets)

Product Description:

Embrace urban adventure with the CORKED & ROOSTERED, a men's chest bag that blends eco-conscious style with Portuguese heritage. Crafted from natural, sun-kissed cork, this bag whispers stories of ancient oak trees and traditional craftsmanship.

Two spacious pockets, each emblazoned with the iconic Portuguese rooster logo, keep your essentials close and organized. Slip in your phone, wallet, keys, and more, secure knowing they're within easy reach.

Comfort meets convenience: The adjustable cotton strap sits effortlessly across your chest, while internal compartment pockets provide extra organization for smaller items.

More than just a bag:

    • Sustainable style: Celebrate Earth with a conscious choice. This cork bag is harvested without harming trees, minimizing your environmental footprint.
    • Portuguese pride: Carry a piece of Portugal with you. The iconic rooster logo embodies the country's spirit of adventure and resilience.
    • Durable and stylish: Bronze hardware adds a touch of sophisticated flair, while the natural cork fabric stands the test of time.

From bustling city streets to weekend exploring, the CORKED & ROOSTERED is your everyday companion. Own a piece of Portugal's vibrant spirit and keep your essentials organized in style. Order yours today!