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natural cork cord and maple leaf pendant handmade earrings-ER-174-MIX-5

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Materials and Colors: The earrings are meticulously made using high-quality, 3mm round cork cords known for their durability and lightweight feel. The cork cords come in five delightful shades:

  • Natural: Keeping the look earthy and understated.
  • Orange: Adds a bright, energetic touch.
  • Burgundy: Offers a deep, rich hue for a more refined appearance.
  • Green: Brings a fresh, lively color that echoes the feel of nature.
  • Yellow: A cheerful, sunny shade that brightens the overall design.

Design and Features: Each earring features these cork cords intertwined in a harmonious blend of the aforementioned colors, culminating in a delicate dance of hues that complement each other beautifully. Hanging from these colorful cords is a small, elegant maple leaf pendant, crafted from high-quality metal with a subtle shine. This pendant adds a touch of autumnal charm, making the earrings not only a fashion statement but a piece of art.