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natural cork cord and plastic pearls handmade earrings-ER-185-MIX-5

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In the world of crafts, each piece tells its own unique story. Featuring carefully selected 3mm round cork wire and elegant plastic pearls, these women's earrings are a modern take on traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Inspired by nature's gentle tones and bold color combinations, the drop earrings are designed to bring a splash of color and personality to everyday looks.

Each pair of earrings is carefully matched in five colors, including:

Natural color: Mild and understated, bringing out the warmth and texture of the wood itself.
Green: Symbolizes life and vitality, reminiscent of new leaves in spring.
Grass green: brighter and fresher, bringing a fresh natural flavor.
Orange: lively and energetic, like the fruits of the autumn harvest season.
Burgundy: deep and layered, exuding mature charm.
The light texture of the cork wire complements the luster of the plastic pearls, highlighting the unique style of the earrings. The cork thread is soft yet elastic, while the plastic pearls add a touch of elegant sparkle, making the whole piece functional as well as beautiful.

Whether as a fashion accessory for everyday wear or as the highlight of a special occasion, these handmade earrings are the perfect expression of personal style. Each pair is made independently, which not only demonstrates the unique charm of handicrafts, but also allows the wearer to express his or her own unique taste.

Not only are these earrings a fashion statement, they are also a tribute to craftsmanship and the use of sustainable materials. They are the perfect gift for those ladies who love handmade items and color play, a unique option that will make an eye-catcher