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Natural Cork Cord Handmade Ladies Fashion Watch WA-281

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This timepiece is more than just a watch; it's a statement of style, sustainability, and sophistication. Crafted with care and passion, our ladies' fashion watch features a strap made from all-natural cork cord. Cork is a renewable, eco-friendly material known for its unique texture and durability. It's a perfect blend of organic appeal and modern fashion, making each watch strap one-of-a-kind with its distinct patterns and earthy tones. The watch face is designed with a minimalist touch, showcasing a clean and timeless look that complements any outfit or occasion. Encased in a sleek metal frame, the dial features easy-to-read hour markers and slender hands that gracefully glide across the surface. Functionality meets elegance, as this watch boasts precise quartz movement for accurate timekeeping. Whether it's for daily wear or special occasions, our Natural Cork Cord Handmade Ladies Fashion Watch ensures you're always on time with a touch of natural beauty on your wrist.