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Natural cork fabric wood grain pattern COF-344

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Product Description:

This natural cork fabric with a wood grain pattern is available in wholesale lots and is perfect for anyone looking to create unique, fashionable pieces quickly and easily. Our wholesale cork fabric has a natural grain that can be subtly felt, like an alligator skin but softer to touch, also with no danger of being scratched! We use high-quality cork which has been through our careful quality control process. The vegan leather has been sustainably harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree without harming it in any way. It’s lightweight but incredibly strong and durable, as well as water-resistant and straightforward to clean. You’ll get close to nature with its natural look and soft toque feel. Why not set yourself apart from the crowd with this unique fabric?


- Sustainable: made from natural cork

- Lightweight yet strong & durable

- Water resistant

- Easy to clean


- Unique material will make your pieces stand out in a crowd

- Practice sustainability while still creating fashionable pieces

- Soft tactile feel unlike any other material

- Outer: Cork
- Backing: 63% Cotton & 37% recyclable polyester
- PETA Approved Vegan


- Thickness: 1mm
- Small: 50*68 cm/ 19*27 inches

- Medium: 100*138cm/ 39*54 inches
- Large: 1000*138cm/ 394*54 inches