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Natural Cork Handmade Bracelet BR-410-5

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 An Azure charm double cork cord bracelet is a type of bracelet that features two strands of cork cord in an azure or blue color, adorned with charms. The azure color adds a vibrant and refreshing touch to the bracelet, reminiscent of the clear blue skies or the serene waters of the ocean. The double cork cord design refers to the use of two parallel strands of cork cord, which run parallel to each other. This creates a visually interesting and textured look for the bracelet, adding depth and dimension to the design. The charms on the bracelet can vary, but they are typically chosen to complement the azure theme. They may include silver or metal charms shaped like seashells, starfish, dolphins, or other marine-inspired motifs. The charms can also incorporate blue gemstones, beads, or enamel detailing to further enhance the azure color scheme. Content: - Zamak - Cork cord