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Portugal cork leather wholesale fabric COF-343-A

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Product Description:

Portugal cork leather wholesale fabric is a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional leather. This natural cork fabric features a brown color with gold decoration, creating a visually unique and chic look. It is made from Portugal's high-quality cork material, which is known for its soft, smooth feel as well as its eco-friendly properties. The fabric has great versatility, as it can be used for handbags, wallets and many other accessories. Perfect for those looking to create fashionable designs from sustainable materials, Portugal cork fabric vegan leather will exceed all your expectations!


- Natural cork material from Portugal

- Brown color with gold decoration

- Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional leather

- Smooth feel for comfortable handling

- Versatile for handbags and wallets and other accessories


- Unique, stylish look perfect for fashionable designs

- Eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather materials

- Soft, smooth feel that is comfortable to handle

- Wide range of uses in accessory creation

- Small: 50*67 cm

- Medium: 100*135cm
- Large: 1000*135cm