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Premium 1.2mm Thick Natural Cork Fabric Microfiber Backing COF-516

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Front: Natural Cork

Natural cork is a natural material derived from oak tree bark. It is renowned for its unique appearance and functionality, featuring the following characteristics:

  • Natural Aesthetic: Natural cork boasts unique patterns and colors, making it an ideal material for sewing in the field of bags and accessories.

  • Lightweight Durability: Despite its lightweight nature, natural cork exhibits outstanding durability, capable of enduring long-term use. This makes it an ideal material for crafting durable products such as shoe soles, bag bases, and placemats.

Back: Microfiber Backing

Microfiber Backing primarily consists of microfiber materials. Microfiber is a synthetic material typically made from polyester or polyamide synthetic fibers. Its defining feature is its extremely fine fibers, often thinner than the diameter of human hair, allowing for the creation of exceptionally soft materials.

  • Superb Softness: Microfiber Backing is crafted from microfiber materials, offering exceptional softness, enhancing the comfort of the product's contact surface.

  • Moisture Wicking: Microfiber materials excel at moisture-wicking, aiding in keeping the skin dry. It is commonly used in crafting comfortable underwear, bedding, and sportswear.

  • Exceptional Durability: Despite the fine nature of microfibers, they exhibit outstanding durability, enduring the test of time and ensuring the product's longevity.

  • Eco-Friendly: Microfiber Backing is renewable and environmentally friendly, with minimal waste generated during the production process.

By combining natural cork with Microfiber Backing, you obtain a material that blends natural beauty with high performance. It is suitable for various products in the sewing field, including bags, accessories, and furniture, providing users with exceptional comfort and functionality.