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Luxurious Touch & Eco-Friendly Choice: Purple Solid Cork Fabric (0.78mm) COF-524-E

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Elevate your next project with a touch of luxury and sustainability! Our Purple Solid Cork Fabric is a premium material perfect for a variety of applications.

Rich, Vibrant Color: This fabric boasts a stunning solid purple color that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any creation.

Sustainable & Cruelty-Free: Crafted from natural cork oak bark, this fabric is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Cork is a renewable resource that harvests without harming the trees.

Soft & Flexible: Despite its durability, cork fabric offers surprising softness and flexibility, making it easy to work with for various crafting needs.

Lightweight & Water-Resistant: The lightweight nature of cork fabric makes it ideal for projects that require portability. Additionally, it boasts natural water-resistant properties, adding a layer of protection.

Thin & Versatile (0.78mm): The 0.78mm thickness makes this fabric perfect for applications requiring a thinner material, such as jewelry making, bookbinding accents, or lighter upholstery projects.

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  • Material: Natural Cork Oak Bark
  • Backing: Black
  • Thickness: 0.78mm
  • Color: Purple (solid)