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snowflake vintage women's Ring RW-028-MIX-10

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  A snowflake vintage women's cork cord ring is a type of jewelry that features a snowflake-shaped charm made of cork material, attached to a ring band that is worn on the finger. These rings are popular for their vintage and natural look, as well as their eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The cork material used to make these rings is a renewable and biodegradable material that is known for its durability and lightweight feel. The snowflake-shaped charm adds a unique and whimsical touch to the ring, and is often decorated with intricate designs or patterns. These rings can be worn alone as a statement piece or paired with other rings to create a stacked or layered look. They can also be a great gift option for those who appreciate eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, or for those who love winter and snow-themed jewelry. Content - Zamak - Cork Cord Size (Can be ajustable):