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Three Cork cord Handmade Earrings-ER-149-MIX-5

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Three Cork Cord Handmade Earrings describes a set of earrings that are crafted with a combination of three cork cords. Handmade with care, these earrings offer a unique and artistic accessory option that showcases the beauty of natural cork material. Here's what you might expect from such earrings: Material and Construction: These earrings are created using three individual cords made from natural cork. The cords form a visually appealing and textured design. The handmade nature of these earrings adds a personal touch and reflects the artisan's craftsmanship. Cork Aesthetics: Cork is a versatile and eco-friendly material known for its distinctive texture and warm appearance. The use of cork cords brings a touch of nature-inspired aesthetics to the earrings, making them stand out with their organic charm.