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Ultra Waterproof and Wear-Resistant Cork Material COF-518

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Introducing our revolutionary Cork Material, specially designed with a surface that undergoes a unique fortification process. Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a highly versatile elastomer with unique properties that offer both superior performance and durability. This material is renowned for its exceptional characteristics,)giving it a leather-like texture that is exceptionally smooth to the touch. This is no ordinary cork – it’s a super waterproof and wear-resistant natural cork material, boasting a thickness of approximately 0.9mm. It’s perfect for a wide range of home goods applications, from refurbishing sofas and chairs to creating durable footwear that withstands heavy use. Imagine even crafting an umbrella that can stay submerged in water for extended periods without damage!

Our cork material’s surface is 100% natural cork, backed with a durable blend of 63% cotton and 37% polyester, ensuring both strength and flexibility. While it excels in durability and water resistance, its unique finish, reminiscent of smooth leather and synthetic materials, might not be for everyone. If you prefer traditional cork textures, please consider this before choosing our product.

This innovative cork material is ideal for those looking to combine eco-friendly qualities with unmatched durability and water resistance, suitable for furniture, shoe repairs, or any application where wear and moisture are concerns. Choose our cork for a sustainable, high-performance solution in your next project.