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UV protection sunglasses cork glasses L-500 L-065/859

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Product Description:

Protect your peepers from the sun's rays with these stylish and earth-friendly sunglasses. Made from 100% cork, each pair is designed to provide full UV 400 protection against the sun’s harshest glare. The lightweight frame contours to fit all face shapes, while the natural grain adds a unique twist to any outfit. Available in 4 different styles with mirrored lenses for an extra dose of cool, you’ll love these eco-friendly and chic sunnies!


- 100% cork frames
- Lightweight & durable
- Polarized lenses provide full UV400 protection
- Mirror coating on select lenses
- 4 different styles to choose from


- Natural look that complements any style
- Lightweight design &c contouring frame shape perfect for long hours of wear
- Eco friendly & sustainable materials
- Extra protection against UV rays & harsh glares

Handle: Cork
Face: Plastic

- Height: 4.7 cm / 1.8 inches

- Length: 14cm / 5.6 inches