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White Solid Cork Fabric with Beige Backing (COF-533-A)

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Eco-Friendly & Luxurious: Create stunning crafts and accessories with our White Solid Cork Fabric! This premium material boasts a beautiful white surface with a beige backing, offering a natural and sophisticated look for your projects.

Sustainable & Versatile: Sourced from renewable cork oak trees, this fabric is a great choice for eco-conscious crafters. Its soft, leather-like feel and water-resistant properties make it ideal for handbags, wallets, clothing embellishments, and more!

Key Features:

  • White cork surface with beige backing (COF-533-A)
  • 100% natural, sustainable cork
  • Soft, smooth, and pliable texture
  • Water-resistant and stain-resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for crafting, upholstery, and more

- Outer: Cork
- Inner: 63% Cotton & 37% polyester


Cork is a natural material with unique qualities. When crafting cork products, small pieces are hand-assembled, leading to minor gaps, holes, and uneven patterns like watermarks, which are natural tree markings, not defects. Please consider these characteristics before purchasing.