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Wholesale fabric - light brown cork fabric COF-309-A

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Product Description:

Our light brown cork wholesale fabric is made from premium and sustainable Portuguese cork material that is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and ethically sourced. This clean-cut and minimalistic fabric produces an understated look, making it suitable for almost any project. The smooth and thin texture makes it easy to handle during sewing, cutting or designing. Create stylish accessories such as handbags, wallets or purses with this eye-catching cork material that stays relatively cool in hot weather—perfect for the summer months!


- Certified Eco-Friendly Material

- High Quality Material from Portugal

- Light brown color adds stylish look

- Smooth texture allows for comfortable handling


- Versatility to be used for a variety of creative projects

- Possibility to create fashion items with unique style

- Natural and understated look perfect for any occasion

- Eco friendly material helps reduce environmental footprint

- Wholesale prices

- Free shipping worldwide

- Small: 50*67 cm

- Medium: 100*135cm
- Large: 1000*135cm