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Women's Belt Bag BAGD-190

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Product Description:

Our new Women's Belt Bag is a stylish, compact and lightweight accessory for your everyday urban adventures. It has been crafted from high quality cork fabric which is vegan and sustainable, creating an alternative to leather. With multiple pockets and a fun adjustable strap, it’s perfect for anyone who needs extra hands free storage space for all their documents, phone and keys.


- High quality vegan cork fabric

- Adjustable strap with buckle

- Three separate pockets

- Perfect size for holding phones and wallets


- Adjustable belt bag means no more hassle when walking around the city or getting on public transport

– take only what you need!

- Get a luxurious look without harming any animals while being environmentally friendly!

- Enjoy the lightweight feel, even when filled with your gear


Cork fabric

Zinc Alloy Zipper

Polyester Strap