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A Simple Guide to Affiliate Marketing - Corkadia

What is Affiliate Marketing and how do I start?

Affiliate Marketing is a process where the Marketer (lets say this is you) earns a percentage through selling a product or service offered by a retailer. Both parties benefit - you receive a commission on the sale, while the retailer will earn a margin on the sale less the commission they pay to you for bringing them the business.

It is possible that an affiliate program won’t just be linked to a sale; it could be to generate a business lead, to get more followers, or to grow an email mailing list.

Affiliate Marketing is ideal for good marketers or those with a wide network of contacts but anyone can give it a go and potentially turn it into a lucrative side hustle.

What commission do Affiliate Marketers get paid?

Commission rates vary by retailer but tend to range from around 5% to as much as 50%. There are also Affiliate Marketing programs that will pay a fixed dollar amount per sale.

How much money can I make through Affiliate Marketing?

So the big question you’re probably asking is can I make millions from Affiliate Marketing?

Ultimately, it depends on how much you sell which is why choosing the right retailer is key. That said, Affiliate Marketing a great way to make money fast and could end up being a booming business. You don’t have to worry about sourcing products that will sell well, managing website logistics, inventory levels, or shipping. Simply find a business whose products you like, sign-up to their Affiliate Marketing Program (if they have one), start selling, and then receive a commission for any items you sell. You’ll often even receive a special discount code from the retailer that your customers can use to get a reduction in the purchase price just for going through you as the affiliate.

Further below we outline why we think Corkadia’s Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the best around. Here’s a link to sign-up for our program.

What do I need to think about before becoming an Affiliate Marketer?

  • Choose the right retailer. Ideally in a niche which you have a passion and won’t be competing with a large number of other affiliates trying to sell the same products.
  • Make sure the retailer’s Affiliate program pays a sufficient commission for it to be profitable for you. You don’t want to invest significant time and effort for little reward.
  • Is the retailer responsive and do they offer good customer service. Looks at customer reviews for their products and get in touch with them directly. Remember, their business is your business!
  • How will you generate sales? Through your website, podcast, social media, network of family, friends, work or school colleagues? Do you have SEO skills and an understanding of the keywords which might lead to more sales?
  • Can you generate sufficient sales to justify your time and potential marketing costs, especially as it may take a bit of time to start to generate sales.

How do I become an Affiliate Marketer?

Below are the 2 key steps involved to become an Affiliate Marketer although the process can differ by affiliate program:

  • Sign-up for a program through the retailer. A number of retailers have a link on their website for those wanting to apply. Programs are often free to join. You’ll receive a unique link to use and often a discount code to offer your customers.
  • Once accepted / approved for an Affiliate Program you’ll receive a unique link from the retailer and can now start selling their products. This might be through posting the link on social media, to your own network of family and friends, on your website (think keywords and SEO techniques), blog, or podcast. Customers will click on the link to purchase the product. Every time a customer makes a purchase through the link, the retailer will be notified and pay you a commission for the sale.

Which Affiliate Marketing Program is best for beginners?

We’re probably biased here at Corkadia, but we think our Affiliate Marketing Program offers Affiliate Marketers a great opportunity, especially for those just starting their journey. We offer a wide range of niche products made from eco-friendly cork leather material here at our studio in Portugal. Cork is a plant based material which is growing in demand in the world of vegan fashion. Cork leather has unique qualities such as being very soft, durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. Cork is carefully harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree in a way which doesn’t harm the tree. In fact, the process can actually help the tree to regenerate and live for up to 250 years. The use of cork products may also reduce the risk of deforestation and help in the fight against climate change. According to the findings from a recent survey by the Portuguese Higher Institute of Agronomy, the CO2 retention capacity of a cork oak forest can reach 14.7 tons per hectare per year.

At Corkadia, all our cork products are PETA-approved vegan and because cork comes from tree bark, no 2 products are exactly the same. We think these factors make for a unique Affiliate Marketing opportunity that few of the big players can offer.

Where can I find Corkadia’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

Our Affiliate Marketing Program can be found here:

Its free to join and for every sale, you receive 15% of the purchase price as commission. We’ll even give you a 10% discount code you can provide to your customers for their exclusive use. You can also opt out of our Affiliate Program at any time at no cost. Once the sale is confirmed we look after everything else; arrange dispatch of the product, shipping (which is free worldwide for any products from our store), and after sales customer service. We’re also available if you have any questions and are happy to take feedback on anything you think could be improved.

Which other platforms are best for affiliate marketing?

There are a wide range of affiliate programs available including Amazon Associates, ClickBank Affiliate, eBay Partner Program, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Affiliate. We hope you’ll give ours a go first though!


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