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Wholesale cork purses BAG-044 (5 units)

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Product Description:

These multipurpose cork purses have been designed to keep your items dry and dust-free. Utilizing high quality cork fabric, these pouches are ultra lightweight, breathable and have an incredibly smooth finish that is soft in your hands. Our range of 8 designs makes it perfect for customizing or matching with different outfits. The convenient size can comfortably store coins, bank cards and other small everyday items making it the perfect accessory for your daily use.


- Lightweight and compact design

- Made from cork fabric

- soft; comfortable in hand; waterproof; easy to clean

- 8 Different colors - great for customizing and matching with different outfits

- Quick and easy access for daily use


- Durable - cork fabric is increasingly popular due to its durability over time compared to other materials such as leather making it ideal for everyday use.

- Eco friendly – harvested from renewable sources, cork makes an environmentally conscious choice as an aesthetically pleasing material with a natural clean look

- Versatile - Its quick yet secure closure allows you to access small items such as coins and bank cards easily while at the same time keeping them safe inside.


Cork Fabric


Width – 4.3 inches

Length - 6.2 inches

Height – 0.78 inches