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Bold & Sustainable: Dark Red Solid Cork Fabric (0.79mm) COF-529-B

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Make a statement with a touch of nature! Our Dark Red Solid Cork Fabric adds a bold pop of color and eco-friendly elegance to any project.

Rich & Dramatic: This 0.79mm thick cork fabric boasts a deep, luxurious dark red color that's sure to turn heads. It's the perfect choice for adding a touch of drama and sophistication to your creations.

Sustainable & Cruelty-Free: Crafted from natural cork oak bark, this fabric is an excellent alternative to traditional materials. Cork is a renewable resource that harvests without harming the trees.

Lightweight & Flexible: Despite its durability, cork fabric offers surprising softness and flexibility, making it easy to work with for various crafting needs. The 0.79mm thickness is ideal for projects requiring a thinner, more pliable material.

Water-Resistant & Easy Care: The natural water-resistant properties of cork fabric make it perfect for projects that may encounter spills or require easy cleaning.

Unleash Your Creativity: This versatile fabric is perfect for jewelry making, bookbinding accents, lighter upholstery projects, and a variety of other crafting applications.

Shop Corkadia cork fabric and discover a world of creative possibilities in beautiful, sustainable materials!


  • Material: Natural Cork Oak Bark
  • Backing: Black
  • Thickness: 0.79mm
  • Color: Dark Red (solid)