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Natural Cork Handmade Bracelet DBR-011-MIX-5

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  A heart charm triple cork cord bracelet is a bracelet that features three strands of cork cord, woven or braided together, and adorned with heart-shaped charms. This type of bracelet combines the natural and eco-friendly properties of cork with the symbol of love and affection represented by heart charms. The three strands of cork cord provide a textured and visually appealing base for the bracelet. Cork cord is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and has a unique and organic look. The triple cord design adds a touch of complexity and dimension to the bracelet, making it an eye-catching accessory. The heart-shaped charms are the focal point of the bracelet. These charms are typically made of materials like metal alloys in various sizes and styles. They can be simple and sleek or intricate and detailed. The heart charms symbolize love, romance, and emotional connections, making them a meaningful addition to the bracelet. Content: - Zamak - Cork cord